License Agreement

License Types – Standard grants you a personal non-exclusive, non-transferable, license to use, edit, modify and reproduce vectors in the following ways:

Advertising, marketing, promo graphics, broadcast, film, commercials, flyers, brochures and catalogues – digital or hard copy, web design, postcards, greeting cards, calendars, books, book covers, product packaging, magazines, newspapers, newsletters, ebooks, digital banner advertising, posters, billboards, sign writing, logo, branding design, web and online digital publications, software, gaming and computer GUI design, and mobile apps.

You cannot download content, edit elements and sell it in vector format. Content is strictly prohibited from being used where there is the potential for the file to be downloaded, copied in any way or extracted, reinstated or restored by a third party.

Any use of the content that is outside these specifications with-in will incur infringement of copyright proceedings.

Not permitted License Uses:

You may not incorporate the content directly in any product that will be available for redistribution or re-use of the content or is otherwise made available in a manner such that a person can extract or rip or reproduce the content in its electronic form.

Only you the purchaser are licensed to use the content, although you may transfer files containing content to your clients, printers, or ISP for the purpose of reproduction for permitted uses only, provided that such parties shall have no further or additional rights to use the content and cannot access or extract it from any file you provide. You may make ONE copy of the content for backup purposes.

The content must not be used in any obscene, immoral, infringing, defamatory nature, be involved in any material that may bring any person or property reflected or described in the content into disrepute or cause any legal action.

All content available on MAY NOT BE sub-licensed, re-sold, rented, lent, assigned, gifted, transferred or distribute in any vector based form.

The content must remain secure in your hands at all times, you must take reasonable steps to ensure the file is not exposed to any environment in-which it could be transferred, copied or stolen while in your possession. It MUST NOT be made available for distribution on any peer-to-peer network at any time.